Welcome to Webrix demo web site
Dear visitor,
you are in demo web site of Webrix. The main objective of this web site is to present the functionality and the maintenance process of one standard web site of Webrix.
So we have created a web site with model structure and information.

Here you can make familiar with the potential of the content management - to add, edit and delete various content. You will make familiar with the admin interface of the website, you can add and edit information in the administration area and you can inspect how it will look at public part of the web site. Additionally, you will find a detailed visual help.

If you have questions or need of help, please contact us.

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How to work with Webrix demo site?
To do this you must enter the admin panel of the site, following this URL:
Username: demo@webrix-studio.com
Password: demo
There you can make experiments, editing, adding and deleting content, files, photos.
The content in the Demo site
The structure and the content in the Webrix demo web site are exemplary and their designation is to illustrate its potential. In the web site are used texts Lorem ipsum. Why, you can find here.
You can easly add, edit and delete content, upload edit and delete photos and files.

Please have in mind, thaht every 24 hours we reset the content in this web site (the database and the files).

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